Step 1: Understand


There is a Corona virus out there, and not just one, but many different ones. And there are other viruses out there, some of them more dangerous, some of them less dangerous. Viruses are part of our human life.


Corona viruses have been identified for the first time in the 1960s in several variations. There is no chance to fully eliminate them. Thus, they won’t disappear after the current pandemic has come to an end.


When our human body is infected with any kind of virus, our immune system automatically starts fighting the virus by producing cytokines. Unfortunately, there is a risk that our body is overreacting and causing a so called cytokine storm, which is even more dangerous than the virus infection, because suddenly healthy cells are under attack.

regular immune reaction

cytokine storm

In other words, many people are not dying directly from the virus, but from their own immune system.


We can protect ourselves and support our immune system with a healthy lifestyle: exercising, good sleep, and a balanced nutrition. Unfortunately, this is easier said then done.

No matter if you eat fresh food or if you are taking nutritional supplements, many minerals, vitamins, and proteins are not absorbed by your body. They simply pass through without any effect. This effect can be measured and is named bioavailability.


Spinach is healthy, spinach contains high calcium. Unfortunately, the bioavailability of this calcium is just 5%. In other words, 95% of calcium from spinach is passing the human body without any effect.

Here is the good news: Swiss scientists developed a technology that brings the bioavailability of the most important vitamins and minerals to 100%.

Step 2: Act

No matter if you are vaccinated or not (we strongly believe that this is a very personal decision), you should be prepared for the next viruses which will attack your body and health. Simply support your immune system with natural ingredients that have been proven in clinical studies to protect your health.

Step 3: Select


ArtemiC™ Support

After the initial acute phase of illness, we recommend a daily dose of ArtemiC ™ Support to promote a strong and balanced immune system.

This dietary supplement is made from natural extracts and is micellised by our patented MyCell TM technology for optimal absorption and effectiveness. Daily use is also recommended for those who want to optimize their immune system's response to foreign invaders. Artemic ™ Support is currently being tested in a clinical trial to determine its effectiveness against the long-term symptoms of post-COVID infection.

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